Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm knittin' ya'll!
And I am so proud of myself. My tutor at work kept going on about how difficult doing a cable sweater is. Well, it may be but when it comes to yarn, I am up for the challenge. And I must say so myself that I've been doing pretty well. I learned to knit so that I could make a project for my son who feels excluded when he always sees me working on things for me or his sister. The boy had the nerve enough to complain about the color of yarn that I'd been reserving just for him. Huh! But ya know, when I started working the project I kinda felt the same way. This variegated color scheme wasn't what I thought it would be. That's cool, I'm converting this adult pattern into a toddler size by using smaller needles and yarn, and the toddler is exited about getting yet another sweater. I'll find some other color for the boy, cause I have a feeling I'm gonna be making this sweater over and over again until I get a little more adventurous, or more money to buy more yarn. Ta ta.