Sunday, July 29, 2007

Home Stretch and Finally, Success?

The Coachella is almost done, just a few more inches. However, I must admit that it's hard to stay interested in the knit stitch for long periods of time.

So, in order to cope, I cast on for Flower Petal shawl.

I didn't even want to mention that I was thinking about it cause I didn't want to jinx it. I've been struggling so much with lace, and I really think this will be my first successful project. It's going smoothly so far, although this is the second time that I cast on. It's the placement of the four stitch markers that are so helpful. I'm counting every stitch, and the markers make it so I never have to count past ten. This was a problem with some of my other projects. I just couldn't figure out what I had done. Common since should have told me to place my own markers. Now I know.
I think I'll be finished with both projects by the end of the week!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Get Your Crochet On!

Have you guys heard of Afya Ibomu? I'm sure you all have as I am commonly last in the loop of what's "in." Well, if you haven't, she crochets urban style fashions for much loved hip hop artists, such as Eryka Badu and Common, to name a few. Her hats pattern book has been out since November 2006, I think. I just got it and I am having great fun.

Mellow Moods

While searching the LYS' for some size 4 circulars suitable for my recycled yarn I crocheted 3 of her hats! They work up FAST. I mean, one may say, "Hmmm, I think this hat will look cute with my outfit tomorrow." And then be able to successfully whip up one of these bad boys in a few hours with crocheting/knitting energy to go. Who knows, maybe it's just me. After all, I do say that my yarn fetish is "in Crochet."

The MC

After having been converted to a somewhat purist by cyberworld, and LYS', I still couldn't bring it to myself to just give away my acrylics. I knew they'd serve their purpose one day (i.e., children's wear that needs frequent washing). I'm going to be using the rest of it on hats. Afya Ibomu's hats to be exact.


I'm also excited about having her book because it's the first time that I've ever owned a fiber book with brown hands providing instructions. As a matter of fact, I'm starting a CAL just for your interpretations of her works. If there's already one out there, please let me know. Otherwise, GetYourCrochetOnCAL will be chugging right along until further notice. If you want to join, please email me at nicole5249(at)sbcblobal(dot)com.

Well, my Coachella seems to be coming along fine. The pattern says I should try it on to ensure desired drape has been achieved in the bust area. It really doesn't advise what to do if it hasn't. But, that's cool, because I think what I've done so far is ok. Because I've used the exact opposite yarn weight that the pattern has called for I've had to knit more rows to achieve the desired length for the front, and add about 5 more increases in the back, not including the additional rows worked before rejoining the front and back. I'm going to leave out the last decrease because of that back fat you see in the bottom right corner and just go for the finish. I'll definitely have to trim the arm openings with a row of single crochet because there is an unsightly gap and the neck line. Otherwise, I love the look of the raw edges and am going to leave the rest as is.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Going Green and Teddy Bear's Skirt

I've been wanting to knit a skirt for her for a while now. Since it's such a small project, I don't see the sense of buying a pattern, especially since it's time for me to get my design mojo going again. However, I don't know if Girl Power is the way to go. Yes, I plan to make it longer than this (to the knee). I'm testing pattern swatches now. For some reason I was dead set on Brown Sheep's Cotton Fleece, but I'm not anymore. Stay tuned.

I done really gone green now, ya'll. I've tried to unravel sweaters before, but unsuccessfully. This is a vest that I've had for about 7 years now. Purchased from Banana Republic back when I tried to acquire only classic clothing. That method worked cause I've actually literally worn out a lot of the clothes from that era. This sweater however is hanging on strong, but I just can't make it look cute any longer cause now I need the next size up.

It turned from this....
To this...The smaller balls are from the neck and arm trim, the large from the body. I think I have just the tank in mind, it's supposed to be a quick knit too. Like I said, stay tuned.

Monday, July 02, 2007

I Love You, But I'm Not In Love With You

Oh stockinette why do you torment me so with your mundaneness and your beauty? I never understood how someone could hurt someone so much while claiming to love them at the same time. After making this tunic, I do however understand how you could want to be with someone (or something in this case) strongly, even after they've (it's) caused you so much pain. I mean, I just mended the holes, and pressed on. Stockinette is not mindless. It knows it's driving you crazy because you can't/won't stop until you've reached your goal.