Sunday, March 25, 2007

So, hopefully the main problem with the pics is just that I needed new batteries. Hopefully. And hopefully today you'll be able to appreciate the beauty of my yarns the way I do. I've completed the quick project with that reddish-gray stuff. My mom laughed at me because I took the socks and hat back after I finished with them. I told you what happened with the hat. I just want to keep an eye on them while they're being worn. Ahhh, making hats and socks are so satisfying to me cause your kids need this stuff.

Have you checked out the latest I've already devoured this cute Monica tank that was supposed to be a party gift for a party today. I'm sorry, but I don't feel like making the 1.5 hour drive. And now the top belongs to HP. They probably wouldn't have appreciated it anyway. And yes, we are going to be wearing it with a tutu. I'm going to make a denim and chocolate one to wear with jeans. I was just using what's left over from some Bernart Softee Baby from those blankee making days.

Also to be worn with a tutu is this soon-to-be kimono. This will be made with Tess yarn that I got from the Stitches convention. This is my first project with yarn that I got from that convention. I got myself a ball winder and had a lot of fun with it. You CAN NOT use it with this yarn. The yarn lable says that you need a "real live person or a swift." I didn't try either of the kids, and it took me about a week to untangle the mess. I'm already impressed with working up what looks like yards and yards of ribbon. So, I'm over the tangle. The worked up fabric feels great, but sliding the yarn between my fingers is uncomfortable.

That silk that I bragged about kept breaking on the ball winder. Grrrrrrr. I'm going to complain to the maker. If they don't compensate me some how there will be hell to pay.

When my boy was tiny, whenever we were about to leave my parent's house my dad would whisper something in his ear. I would demand that he tell me what he said and would even threaten him with capital punishment. But, he would still say with that cute smile, "I'm not telling." Well, take a look at these colors. Clue: Almost every primary color in 100% Peruvian wool, HP will be starting pre-school soon.

I'm not telling!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'm sorry because I know that this picture is unacceptably blurry. But, I had to show you. I've lost the label to this yarn. So, I don't know who makes it. All that I know is that I like it. And, since I know exactly where to get it from, I'm sure there will be more. It knits so beautifully. It's texture soothes you. The strand is so perfectly tubular. There is however, this one stripe of grey that torments me. I love it so, and there's just not enough of it. When I hold it between my fingers, as soon as it appears, it disappears. I don't think I've ever seen a gray this beautiful. Could it be like the clouds disappearing right after a rain storm at dusk? Grey so satisfying. I got this yarn to make my son a pair of red socks. He loves red. And I don't love it so much. So, this was my compromise. Then I decided that he needed a hat more. He likes it but wishes that it was a little longer. A simple 2 x 2 rib with spiral decreases at the crown. I wanted to make it longer but... soon as I finished it he wore it to school and left it there. It's been there for two days now in that cluttered desk and I'm starting to loose my patience. We'll be lucky if somehow it's protected from sharp pencil edges and uncapped pens. Grrrrr. After the hat, there still seems to be plenty left for socks. Could this be the ball of yarn that I dreamed about that never runs out? Here's a better picture of the yarn with me at work. And this is after the hat.
My yarns go everywhere I go all the time. Do yours?
I've finally finished HP's sweater. I was so determined for it to turn out exactly as the models that it almost did. What do you mean, you say? It fits exact, and this is not necessarily desirable when making clothes for toddlers. We wore it the very day that it came off the needles. I get so tired of trying to make this girl be still for pics. Here's a shot of the back anyway.
Oh yes, I turned another year older last week. I thought it would be amusing to the kids to see the appropriate number of candles on my cake. Oh my God, it almost set on fire. The caramelized part was still tasty.

This is the top for my lucky silk. I don't have quite enough, but I'm sure I can find a blend able hank for part of the bottom band. Don't hate non knitters/non crocheters. Maybe you'll be able to find one of these hanging on rack somewhere. Peace.