Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fingers A Flyin'!

I know, I know. It's been too long since I posted. But really, it's not all my fault. It's the fault of my camera. I haven't gotten a new one yet cause I don't want to buy another quickey. I want something with a telescopic lens and lots of bells and whistles. Not in the budget right now, but since I'm so stubborn, I'm trying to squeeze every last picture I can out of the one I have. I've had to buy a card reader just to get the pictures off of it.

Also, I had to take myself a little vacay. Waaaay over due people. This yarn fetish don't take care of all the stress.

Then I had to get the kids settled into their summer plans. One's a drive away, the other a plane ride. I miss them, but I need the me time. I have a sewing class scheduled for later on in the month and I tried to find a spinning class but there wasn't one around town being offered this summer. Darn!

But I have been busy, and even though the pictures are few and of poor quality, I thought I'd need to show you just so you'd believe all my excuses for not posting. I'm working on Kamika King's Oz right now, and am excited about getting my new Double Stitch Crochet pattern book by the Simmons sisters. I won't stay away so long this time. Lot's of comments please, LOL, make me feel loved :)

China Doll Finished!

Pattern: China Doll, Interweave Crochet
Yarn: Elann Lara, Colorway ? Bright Purple
Hook Size: E, 3.5 mm
Size Made: For 38.5 bust

I incorporated maximum bust ease (the wedge), added the waist shaping (the nip i think) where recommended, I added one extra hip flare for obvious reasons and made the sleeve twice as long as recommended. I also added almost twice as many fasteners because of bunching and gapping in that area. This fixed things. I just didn't feel like making the buttons after it was all said and done. So I used some silver ones I had. I also had to include extra completely round motifs right in the front to cover up some bizarre discoloring accident.

Excess Yarn Tank

Pattern: Strappy Spring Shirt from the Soulful Hues blog.
Yarn: Elann Lara
Colorway: 323
Needles: Size 4 and 6
Size Made: 6

This top is very easy and doesn't take that much yarn in my opinion. I've paused to think about it, but I don't really have anything negative to say about it. Maybe I'll learn to knit with beads and use this pattern for my test piece.

Renee's Going Away Belt

Pattern: Floral Lace Belt, from Interweave Crochet
Yarn Used: Aunty Lydia's Crochet Thread, Size 10
Size Made: 9 motifs I think
Hook Size: 1.4 mm, that's tiny! And sharp too.

I wanted to make something special for my really good co-worker moving to a new chapter in her life. And as you all know, I think this pattern is really special.

Teddy Bear's Topper

Pattern: Crochet Child's Top. Free download from Lion Brand's Yarn.
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease, Colorway Lake
Hook Size: F I thought I'd picked up a G and didn't realize my mistake until I got to the airport. I pressed on.
Size Made: 6
Modifications: I lengthened the arms by adding rows 1 and 2

This pattern is easy but it asks to join yarn way too many times. When you add these instructions to the join new ball occurrences and the weaving in seam ends, you could loose your mind. This is why I wouldn't recommend this deceptively easy pattern to beginners. You gotta have staying power before you start this, it can discourage you really easily. I'm thinking about scratching the crochet ties and fastening with a ribbon empire style. I love the color. I thought the yarn was 100% cotton. Turns out it's a cotton acrylic blend, but it's not that bad, really.

Noro Anthorpologie

Yarn: Noro Silk Garden Lite, 2 balls
Colorways: 2028 and 2029
Size: Sorry I can't remember, I was in the zone and didn't have time for notes.
Needles: size 6 I think, like I said, in the zone.

This pattern is so easy it doesn't matter what kind of yarn you use. Just find a compatible needle to go along with that yarn. Oh yes, I have to knit mine together and not purl it together so I guess I reverse the pattern a little.

I wanted to wip this up for my Bahamas trip. It really came in handy since it was too cold with the A.C.'s inside and too hot outside. This was my first time using Noro. The colors are beautiful, but for all the hype I thought that it should have been much softer on the skin. It wasn't a horrific irritant, but I am aware of it when wearing it. Also, for all the hype, I should not be running into knots in the middle of the skein. This burns me. I mean this is what I pay the extra money for.