Saturday, June 14, 2008

Noro Anthorpologie

Yarn: Noro Silk Garden Lite, 2 balls
Colorways: 2028 and 2029
Size: Sorry I can't remember, I was in the zone and didn't have time for notes.
Needles: size 6 I think, like I said, in the zone.

This pattern is so easy it doesn't matter what kind of yarn you use. Just find a compatible needle to go along with that yarn. Oh yes, I have to knit mine together and not purl it together so I guess I reverse the pattern a little.

I wanted to wip this up for my Bahamas trip. It really came in handy since it was too cold with the A.C.'s inside and too hot outside. This was my first time using Noro. The colors are beautiful, but for all the hype I thought that it should have been much softer on the skin. It wasn't a horrific irritant, but I am aware of it when wearing it. Also, for all the hype, I should not be running into knots in the middle of the skein. This burns me. I mean this is what I pay the extra money for.


Sheila said...

Geezous.. you are on Fiyah... love the shrug.

Anonymous said...

Knots?? That stinks. I haven't had that happen to me (yet) & I hope it never does. The only thing I can say is you can do a split slice to merge the ends together once you get the knot out; plus, it tends to soften with washing. Still, I really like the shrug. The colors are really pretty.

NikkiJ said...

@sheila: I was certainly on a mission in the Month of May.

@del: Really? I get knots all the time. I recently got one in my Brown Sheep Cotton fleece. I don't know how to slice and merge. I wanted to take a spinning class this Summer but can't find one. I just knit them in and pull them to the back.