Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Favorite FO Ever

But first, an update on other projects.

Man, am I ready to get this Cycling Aran out of my house. It was zipper's fault. I really loved knitting this sweater. It will be the warmest sweater my brother has because I held the DK/Worsted double. I know, I know too thick but I wanted it extra squishy because of the cables. Oh well, he can pull it out next winter. Just a few more stitches in the zipper, then it's off to big brother.

I've been trying to be good (environmentally conscious), so I whipped up these crochet grocery bags. These bags are really strong and stretchy and quick to make. Very easy pattern, but because of the continuous increasing and decreasing, I wouldn't advise making these bags sleepy or tipsy, LOL.

I made the Ribbed Lace Bolero for Teddy Bear. The Easter outfit needs a post of it's own and I should be getting the kids ready for bed now, so next time. Long story short, much to my disappointment Teddy Bear has developed a strong opinion on what she wears. So all my Easter dress ideas went out the door when we got into the store. What a shame, some of the dresses came with matching dresses for your dolly too. "No! I don't like that one." She got on my last nerve. I'll have to make her put the dress back on for a picture. I hate how the Lace Bolero came out by the way, but she wore it anyway.

And finally. I really do think I've made my favorite FO ever. When flipping through the Spring 2008 Interweave Crochet online. I couldn't wait to get my hands on this magazine because this Floral Lace Belt just called me. The largest size called for 10 motifs but because I measured my waist and divided that by the width of each motif, I decided to make 12. Too big! But this is o.k. I'll come up with a different closure than the ribbon one shown. I thought that making this belt would be like going to Universal Studios and learning how Star Trek is made (totally taking the mystery out of the whole thing), but no. I was still fascinated with this belt when it was done and can't even believe myself that I could make something so beautiful. It was easy. Am I bragging? Well, whatever. I just love this piece, O.K.?

Teddy bear is already hatin'. "Where's mine?" I'll get to it, because for some strange reason I have the crochet thread called for by the pattern in almost every Spring color.

My next venture will be the China Doll Top on the cover. There are detailed instructions for shaping for almost every figure even the busty AND hippy like me. I'm so much deeper in love with crochet right now.