Sunday, May 11, 2008

China Doll Progress Part Duex

Well to summarize....

What we have hear is one close fitting tunic that includes maximum bust ease, starting approximately two inches below the underarm, waist shaping and hip shaping.

With this pattern you have the option to stop at the waist or to continue on and make a tunic style top.

This is how far I would have gotten had I chosen to stop at the waist.

But, I wanted a tunic, so I began a second flair as instructed. After the second, and what was supposed to be the last flair including additional rows, I started getting a little skeptical. I said to myself "Now what does Doris Chan know about the hips of a thick black woman?" And, I kid you not, Doris Chan actually materialized in front of me with her hand on her hip. She said, "The skill level on pattern said experienced. Are you experienced, Nicole, or are you a novice, you tell me. I've showed you how to make a flair, what else do you want from me?" Man, she really had me feeling ashamed. I also started to wonder what the heck I was thinking making a form fitting top for myself. I never buy these types of clothes. It was just that I was so intrigued by the whole customization idea that I couldn't help it. These show me wearing by brand new Lane Bryant Cacique Balconette style bra. Do you see what a difference it makes?

The Second Flair. It's supposed to resemble a tunic at this point but doesn't.

After clowning me like that,I thought that Doris Chan would go away but no, she stayed there until I completed my third flair and the trim. That's cool, because I needed to tell her how much I loathe her Reverse Single Crochet, Ch 1! I mean really, what's the point? "Doris, I think you're just trying to be special by being difficult. The nerve of some people." At this point I willed her away because I didn't want her, let's call it vibe, to suddenly take away my mojo as punishment for talking smart to her.

Anywho, the next time you see the China Doll it will be completed. I've had to wing the collar because you may have noticed that those markers that were in the first picture have disappeared, oops. I'm making my sleeves longer in an attempt to hide a little of my arm fat, so I'm doing those last so that I don't use up all my yarn before making the motifs and required trims. I've already used extra on the additional flair so I have to budget. I may have to wait to show the finished product to you in the environment it is intended for. Oooooo, can I wait?

Sunday, May 04, 2008

China Doll Progress

The Wedge, with maximum bust ease. Seems I started too high, but wait...

The Wedge plus the Body, 6 rows. After some contemplation I've decided to start the Nip just as prescribed.

The Waist Shaping is complete, and I've included the recommended number of Sh Patt rows. The pattern says it should be hitting right above my navel. Yeah right! My navel is right wear those blue sweats start.

I've decided to continue in the Sh Patt lengthening by two rows until I think it goes where it should.

I'm ready to start the Flare or Hip Shaping now, but I don't have time for another picture right now. The bust shaping worked out fine dontcha think? I need a tank with better support. I just got a new bra, and I'd like to have on that undergarment while wearing this but after blocking, this will turn into an open weave fabric like it was designed to be. Hmmmm, what to do? Forgive my funny picture taking face.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Crocheting and, What?! Sewing?????

I've started hooking up the China Doll by Doris Chan. I can't wait to wear this one. I saw some chocolate colored linen pants that will go perfect with this at Old Navy. Now all I need to do is find some coordinating flip flops. That shouldn't be too hard.

It's funny. I started making mistakes right from the start on this one. Thanks to Tracie for steering me in the right direction! She helped me to understand that I needed to read all of the instructions, LOL!

This is what I have so far.

I'm using Elann's Lara yarn which is a 100% Combed, Mercerized Double Gassed Cotton. Ooooookaaaay, I don't know what being Double Gassed means but, anyway, all I know is that it was was like $2.25 a ball, so this also explains the bright purple color choice. I wasn't really sure about what color I wanted to make this in anyway. I don't know about you, but for me, the price is always a deciding factor.

And, guess what ya'll, I've been trying to sew. I've gotten pretty far considering that I did not understand the pattern at all. The pattern is New Look 6774. Now that I'm examining the package I hadn't noticed that it said "Easy" or anything like that. I chose it because it was cheaper than I very similar one that I was about to buy. After a while, I just started looking at the picture and constructing the dress the way that seemed logical to me.

I looked on Youtube to find instructions for installing an invisible zipper. Even though I thought I could do it without the right equipment, I'm waiting for my concealed zipper foot to come in the mail from sears now. I couldn't get a better picture. My camera is in its final days and has forgotten how to work.

I think that I'm going to use a ribbon to reinforce the hem of the garment. I purchased this jersey material because it was like two dollars. But, this stuff is NOT for beginners to work with. I'm such a novice that I couldn't even figure out everything to buy from the package. I realized that I need to have some sort of lining at least for the top of the dress. I didn't have enough of the main fabric to construct one so I cut up a poncho like top that I was never gonna wear. I think it's cute. I'm too ashamed to go into to much detail about how the inside looks. My efforts to clean it up just made it worse. However, I must say, that this is the first time in a loooong time that I've been motivated to finish a sewing project that was giving me challenges (simply because of my inexperience in this case). I owe my inspiration to Erica, Adrianne, Patrice, and Sheila. I would never have touched that sewing machine again if it wasn't for you.