Friday, October 17, 2008

February Lady Sweater

I started a new project. It's getting cooler and of course this make knitting/crocheting more fun.

I think the February Lady Sweater is a perfect project for fall.

I plan on looking very shaggy glamorous in this sweater, hope it works out.

I'm using Cascade 220 on size 8 needles. This yarn is knitting way better than I remember from last time. I expect it to yield better results too. I've seen all the different versions in Ravelry, and I like the ones in Cascade 220 best. Cascade 220 Heathers even had a color that was identical to the samples. You can't beat the price.

I love the color, whatever it's name is. I'm sure I've seen a Kathy bag in the exact same color. I'm going to start looking for that.

The pattern is easy and seems to be going quickly.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Green Leafy Tea

Well I reclaimed my yarn from that sweater pattern whose name must not be spoken.

I looked up the yarn in Ravelry and found something that I liked, the Leafy T-Shirt.

I used size 6 needles and knit until the sleeves were 14" in diameter. I just think it's amazing how the diameter of my upper arm pretty much gives the rest of my upper dimensions. Reminds me of when we bought clothes in the store with my grandmother. She would have us stick our forearms in the waste band. If that fit, then the pants fit. This only works for kids by the way. That was back in the 70s and early 80s too so I wouldn't recommend it. The sleeves on this garment were tight at first but stretched with wear. This is unblocked.

I used Lion Brand Cotton Ease. I think the colorway is Lime, or Leaf. I'm sorry, I just can't seem to remember to note this. :(

I meant to include waste shaping, but as usual, I forgot. I just be wanting to knit, and can't remember things I plan that are not written down sometimes. Siigh.

Anyway, I like the results okay I guess.

I don't like how it looks in the back and will start to make a point to make sure all of my close fitting tops end up with a stretchy bind off. It's very tight around my voluptuous hips. I don't know why it's taken me this long to come to this conclusion. I've thought about it some and will be ripping back to do just that. This will probably eliminate that back bulge too. Then again, probably not.

The bottom curls a LOT. I've pulled it down in the pictures. I like the curly look, but not this much.

I'm trying to venture out when it comes to colors. I think I've chosen wisely.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Stash Bustin'!

Well I reclaimed my yarn from that Kelso Cardigan.

I made myself a Leafy T. I looked up Cotton Ease on Ravelry for some ideas and figured this would work.

It fits okay but I gotta find someone to help me take pictures of it, will post later.

In the mean time, I had almost a whole ball left over that was divided into about 4 super long strands because of the cardigan. I gotta figure out a way to use the rest of this scrap yarn.

Let's start by clothing some of these naked dolls running around my house. Teddy Bear hasn't undressed her yet, so maybe she just wanted hand made doll clothes all along, LOL.

There's no pattern. I just did a top down with some increases in the front for the flare.