Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Green Leafy Tea

Well I reclaimed my yarn from that sweater pattern whose name must not be spoken.

I looked up the yarn in Ravelry and found something that I liked, the Leafy T-Shirt.

I used size 6 needles and knit until the sleeves were 14" in diameter. I just think it's amazing how the diameter of my upper arm pretty much gives the rest of my upper dimensions. Reminds me of when we bought clothes in the store with my grandmother. She would have us stick our forearms in the waste band. If that fit, then the pants fit. This only works for kids by the way. That was back in the 70s and early 80s too so I wouldn't recommend it. The sleeves on this garment were tight at first but stretched with wear. This is unblocked.

I used Lion Brand Cotton Ease. I think the colorway is Lime, or Leaf. I'm sorry, I just can't seem to remember to note this. :(

I meant to include waste shaping, but as usual, I forgot. I just be wanting to knit, and can't remember things I plan that are not written down sometimes. Siigh.

Anyway, I like the results okay I guess.

I don't like how it looks in the back and will start to make a point to make sure all of my close fitting tops end up with a stretchy bind off. It's very tight around my voluptuous hips. I don't know why it's taken me this long to come to this conclusion. I've thought about it some and will be ripping back to do just that. This will probably eliminate that back bulge too. Then again, probably not.

The bottom curls a LOT. I've pulled it down in the pictures. I like the curly look, but not this much.

I'm trying to venture out when it comes to colors. I think I've chosen wisely.


urbanknitrix said...

You are so beautiful!!! you look good in your sweater, love it. The color is awesome, I have been eyeing that pattern........hmmmmm

Pajnstl said...

Too cute!

Nakia said...

That looks so nice! And your hair is cute too.

Lesalicious said...

Great job. I love the Lion Brand Cottn Ease it does work wonders. Great job so cute and fits you well.:)

Umme Yusuf said...

It looks wonderful!

del said...

Oooh, this is cute! After you block it, it won't curl as much. Great job!

Nik said...

it looks good. i like how you have it paired with the long sleeved shirt.

Cas... said...

Cute sweater. I really like the color.

Keep up the good work!

Adrienne said...

Too cute!!! Love it!

NikkiJ said...

@Urban: Oooo, thanks for the pick-me-up!

@Patrice: Haaaaaay!

@Nakia: Thank you! Thank you.

@Lesa: I didn't like the of a natural fiber mixed with an acrylic, but the results spoke for themselves. Who am I to argue?

@Umme: Thank you!

@Del: Hmmm, forgot to even think about that.

@Nik: Yep, I think it looks better as a layering piece, at least on me.

@Cas: Not too bright, huh?

@Adrienne: I'mma keep on truckin, LOL.

Susan said...

I think it came out great. I agree with the layering and think the color is divine!

Sheila said...

Your sweater came out really nice and agree with others about liking the way you layered it, which is so popular. Darn near all the sweaters this season are short sleeves. The color looks great on you too.

Zuleika said...

You look great in your new sweater! I think you chose a great color as well.