Monday, February 27, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday to Me! Yeah, I guess. I almost tried to forget it but I couldn't. No big plans or anything, but nowadays I just feel blessed to have a good day. My two girlfriends came out on Saturday. I love you sooo much Dawanna and Ronnie. Just out of the blue they decided to come visit me. We went to the "pre-opening" of West Sacramento's new Ikea and spent way too long there. And then we came home and played in make-up. I didn't know before Saturday, but that's exactly what I wanted to do for my birthday. I'm really considering starting a diet now (I was just gonna let myself go before). But I sent Dawanna away with some clothes that I can't fit anymore because she's lost 67 pounds! OMG!!!! Girl, you look great!

I bought a huge shelf at Ikea without even knowing whether or not it would fit in my car. It did! And I was even able to close the trunk. Although I did have to leave one of my children behind (just kidding, he rode in another car). We got three very long and heavy boxes into the house without incident. On Sunday the kids and I went to the Black Expo and the first booth that we saw had a great job listing. Then we made it all the way home with a trunk load of groceries before the big rain storm hit. Yes!

See what I mean? Two good days in a row. A great b-day present. I think I'll buy a lottery ticket, maybe two.

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