Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sometimes you just have to step back.

I had to take a break from my on-the-side sweater. I took too long of a break the last time and when I came back, I made the sleeves too big. I've been having a problem with the sleeves since day one since they never have really worked up according to the pattern. The pattern says increase on each side of each row 10 times and then on each side of every other row 8 times. To me, this says that I should be finished increasing after 26 rows. The end result should leave you with 86 stiches. Problem is, I get to 86 stiches after about 15 rows. So, I decided to try to work this issue into the pattern. It might have worked if I'd tried to make the size small sleeve and not the large. For now, I just have sweater body that fits great and two sleeves that leave room for about 3 times as much floddle as I actually have. I'll get you a pic later.

But for now, in order to cool myself off from this small disaster, I started on a gift for my brother that I've been meaning to do for a long time. I finally found a pattern that was suitable for him in the book Scarf Style. It's the pattern Forbes Forrest. Since I'm trying to bust some of my stash too, I have to make it in two different colors. My brother chose moss green and leaf green (I spoke to my mom and she said green is all he can think of nowadays, so it makes sence that he would choose these colors), with the darker green on each end of the 61" scarf. It's coming out good so far, but my knitting inexperience left out the fact that it's not so cool to mix colors for any project who's right side is the purl side. Oh well, this error should only be noticed slightly to the very nosy individual who examines the piece close enought to notice these two rows. Hope you like it so far big bro!

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arthur said...

Yes, I like the scarf just fine, thanks. And what does Mom mean by, "Green's all I've been able to think about these days."? I've always been into green, it's my favorite color. It's life. It's growth. It's money. She just may think that because I have green dining room, living room sets (and my bathroom has a green bamboo theme going) that I'm obsessed with it. On the contrary, I'm actually ready to change out the green living room furniture for something else... maybe taupe (something earthy, calming, and masculine no doubt). Well, anyway, yes I love green and I instill it in my life whenever possible... but, I do know when it doesn't work. Still, saying all that, I am happy with the colors I chose for the scarf. Thank you again. ;p