Sunday, December 03, 2006

Out of all the things I do around this house, I'm glad that something very important has finally gotten done (with the help of a professional). In one day, my front door went from this, YUCK! The results of a bothced paint job from someone who claimed they knew what they were doing, NOT!

To this. Aaaah. Me and the kids made up a little song. Like to hear, it? Here it go... Who has the best door in the neigh-bor-hooooood? We, do, weeeee dooooo!

And, all though I've learned how to hold back the tears when I feel overwhelmed with all the responsibilities I have around here, I still appreciate any help that I can get. For example, HP, just 3, without complaining, folded these dish towels up for me. Yes, I put them in the linen closet just like that.

You go, girl!!!

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