Tuesday, January 22, 2008

FO's, Hair, Politics

I was finally able to squeeze some pictures out of my tired camera. So, I'll post some fiber content first.

I told ya'll I got a Stitch N' Bitch Happy Hooker book for Christmas. Seems likes the projects have been flying off of the pages right into my lap, yes Ma'm.

First it was the Bunny Slippers. Done here in a yarn that's NOT meant for walking around on the floor with. So glad I didn't bother to sew eyes and nose on. I sure ain't buying the fancy stuff the book recommends. By mistake, on the first slipper I used the slipper insole for the bottom sole. I like this mistake because it looks better and fits my size 8 foot more snuggly.

Then the One Skein Scarf which happened in just a couple of hours cause I found this acrylic yarn I liked. I got some in camaflouge colors too. Maybe I'll make something for Little Man after all. I love this scarf, I really do. I swear this girl has to be in every picture. I hear her in there being bossy right now.

And finally, Fat Bottom Bag, which only took a couple of days, and which I was able to use yarn from my stash that was gifted to me about 2 years ago and which I am completely delighted with. I'm so glad I waited for the right project for this yarn. My co-workers gave it to me along with a patterns book of some tacky shrugs. I wish I could see them now to show them what perfect yarn they chose for the Fat Bottom bag. Bless their hearts. I only have to find handles and a brooch now.

I'm working on the Jolly Rancher too, but it's giving me problems because I don't like scull and cross bones and am trying to substitute a dirt bike silhouette. Therefore, I can't waste my precious camera energy on it.

This weekend, I tried to color my hair with a "rinse" or as the bottle says, temporary color. I rarely, rarely colored my hair when it was processed, and I've never used a rinse before. The bottle said "Vibrant Color." I didn't want it to be a vibrant Dark Cherry, just a hint of a dark cherry. So, I didn't leave it in there for the full 30 minutes and I rinsed as much as I could out. Most of my linens are white, and I didn't want that stuff on my sheets. I guess that's why there's not one hint of Dark Cherry Jazzing left in my hair. It's like I did nothing. Should I try again?

Today at work I took it upon myself to remind everyone that if they wanted to vote in the Presidential Primaries that in California it is the last day to register to vote. There's one Black employee on our campus. He's from Detroit but has traveled around the country with his family in pursuit of career advancement. He doesn't vote. He didn't admit it to me, but I can tell. He told me that letting everyone know what my political preferences were (voting for the Black candidate) may prevent me from getting promoted as quickly so I should "keep it on da unda."

It went like this:

Me: This is your last day to register to vote if you plan on voting in the California Presidential Primaries.

Him: I'ma register, I'ma register (I've been trying to get him to do this for the last two weeks.)

Me: Well, today is your LAST chance, just do it.

Him: Guurl, you don't need to be tellin' errbody who you wanna vote for. You need to keep it on da unda. That might keep you from gettin yo lil promotion.

Me: If there ever was a time that we need to make it known who and what we stand for, it's now. And, maybe one day soon we won't need to keep it on da unda. Boy, I gotta get that Detroit outta you (I shouldn't have said this).

Him: Oh, errbody in Detroit is fo Barack. They all Black out der, so you know they makin' it known who they wanna vote for.

Me: Ok, so you need to make it known too and just be less....less, what is the term I'm searching for?

Him: You searchin' for the term Uncle Tom.

Me: Is that what I'm trying to say? Is that how you refer to yourself???!!!! You refer to yourself as an Uncle Tom?!

Him: Yeah, you just ack like you not sho whodda vote fo. And den ack like it just seem like most of the best points go twads yo guy.

At this point my eyes start scanning my office, I don't know what I'm looking for. I find it. It's about a 4 foot stick Engineers use for marking gas lines, phone lines, etc. I pick it up. He realizes what I'm about to do and makes a run for it. Thank God there weren't any witnesses. Don't worry, I couldn't get a decent swing because the long stick was too awkward to maneuver in the narrow hallway and he got away. Do you think I over reacted? What's wrong with our people? I really wanted to beat some sense into him.


Anonymous said...

First, the knits are just lovely. Second, I don't use rinses either (they never last, plus just too much trouble for not a lot of results), but your hair looks great.

Lastly...about Chicken George. Lawd, what can you say?? I wish you'd caught up with him & beaten him senseless...never mind, he's already senseless. I bet he didn't register, either!

Sheila said...

Cute FOs. Matter of fact this weekend I picked up a skein of the same yarn that you used for your scarf. I rinse my hair often, matter of fact every 4 weeks and when applying it I let it sit in my hair up to 40 minutes.

Virtuous said...

Cutesy slippers!

Zuleika said...

I have that book as well and love it. I've made the fat bottom purse, but that's it. I'm working on my own patterns and other things right now. Those slippers turned out really cute, and the scarf is gorgeous!
The little one in the photo had me crackin up! Too cute! lol
Red hair dye doesn't show up very well on dark hair. I learned this a few weeks ago when I was trying to dye my hair the brightest red they had. You can barely see it in the daylight! I successfully dyed my hair a pretty reddish color last year, but can't remember what I used. Maybe it was the blonde hair dye that turns our hair red. I'll have to look around some more.

NikkiJ said...

I really don't want that orange hair look. My tips are naturally orange and I hate this. Add to that these stray grays that keep popping up, and you get a strong desire to try to take control of the situation. I think I'm gonna do one section and leave the stuff on longer in a couple of weeks.

Deborah said...

That was some of the funniest dialogue I've read in a while. Stokely Carmichael used to say that for some of us, our only form of protest is to refuse to speak this language (even if it is unintentional!).

Stokely also believed in organization and you are seriously doing your duty with reminding folks to register.

One thing I try to remind myself whenever I encounter people who aren't accessible to progressive ideas is the fact that they have been victimized by many methods to keep them that way (bad education, bad food, bad self images, etc.).
Keep trying and keep reading about how and why folks are that way and when all else fails you can still chase them down with a yard stick!

Sahara said...

There are no rinses or permanent color for dark hair. You'd have to lighten your hair first, then put the rinse in. Some of the rinse will come out, as there is no binder for it.

To be honest, for best results have it done professionally, as you are doing a two process coloring. If you really want to do it yourself, use Robert Clergie water based products; you'd have to steam the color in, though. Clairol is too harsh for locks. The lightener you would need to ultimately obtain the color you want, would cause your locks to shed.

NikkiJ said...

@ Sahara, I'm really bummed about this. I saw my cousin this weekend and he had different shades of blond and they looked really good. I just don't think this look would work well for me, but I'm ready to do something different.