Saturday, December 06, 2008

Oh That Envy.

I'd recognize that look anywhere. The one that needs no words, no frown, no smile. Just silent observation.

I try to keep a clean car. This means promptly removing any of our trash and belongings right along with ourselves everyday. That's why when I find stuff that belongs to the kids, I throw it right in their faces. They know the deal, yet they repeatedly test me.

Well, when tossing back Lil Man's favorite pair of ski gloves, I caught this look in Teddy Bear's eyes like, WTH? Just silence while driving for about 3 minutes. Then before we could even make it to the intersection...

"Can you make me some gloves?"

No more words, just a sharp look towards Lil Man's way as if to say, how dare you tease me with those cool things. Lil Man never even noticed that she noticed the gloves and didn't even catch on with the verbal interchange.

Do you think she would let me forget? Huh! The very next time she caught me on the computer, she made sure it was because I was looking for her a gloves pattern. Now see, the only thing I had to do besides find a simple pattern was to convince her that mittens were just as cool as gloves. I'm trying to knit my own pair of gloves and have yet to figure out how to close those little gusset holes at the base of each finger. I'm so frustrated. So, do you think I'd dare to start myself yet another challenge on an even tinier scale? Not yet. Soon though, ya'll know me.

"Nooooo, glllllooooveees."

As if I didn't hear her the first time. So, I had to pull rank.

"What color do you want them?"
"I want pink and yellow and white and purple and blue."

I initially had a little panic attack of the prospect of having to search for something in this bizarre colorway, but then noticed out the corner of my eye that she was eying my stash. She'd found some cheap sport weight acrylic that I'm sure I copped from Walmart umpteen years ago before I realised me and my yarn would be this close. Exxxxxxcellent.

Although it took me two tries to get it right (I was sleepy and rushing the first time), after the third mitten, I got a pretty cool pair of rainbow crazy, that'll do, "can you please knit faster?", "ha ha ha, yaaay", mittens.

And oh, big brother, you don't have to look at my green eyes anymore, but you do have look at these fabulous rainbow mittens that Mommy made for me and not you. "Ha Ha!"

Knitted on size 7 circulars I made the K1, P1 ribbing a half inch longer than recommended. The rest of the dimensions were just fine. Find the pattern here.


urbanknitrix said...

TOO CUTE!!! The colors are so pretty. Teddy Bear is going to look FABULOUS!!

Sheila said...

Awwww they are adorable mittens.

Nik said...

aw, i want babies i can knit for.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how you were going to do all those colors, lol. Those are so cute -- glad she got her mittens!

Knitaholictoo said...

awwwh Mommy you rock!