Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Well, even though I haven't been blogging a lot I have been crocheting. The kids were taking portraits and I also wanted to use this as a moment to display one of my creations. I thought I would use ribbons for the shoulder straps, but H.P. kept pulling at them and unraveling the ends. So, after that failure, I constructed these straps. I still need to find some workable fasteners though. The detail on the front is very beautiful, but it doesn't really offer a secure posting place for buttons. I also need to take some time to edit the pattern. Hmmmm, I'll figure something out. This week has not been a great one. Among other things, not only does H.P. have a mysterious fever that the daycare folks forgot to inform me of when I picked her up, but D.J. fell face first on the pavement at school. I got a call at work today with the scary news. His two brand new front teeth were bleeding, but not loose. In any case he has to wear two fat lips around for a while. On top of all of these issues and not being able to keep up with the laundry (I have to look for a pair of draws for that boy tonight), it's been raining so much that you have to rush home to mow the lawn whenever the sun comes out. I recently terminated the gardeners who were were hardly doing any work and trying to take advantage of me. Therefore, I have to tackle the problem of the back yard lawn that's basically completely overtaken by weeds. The weed and feed won't work if you apply it one day and then it rains the next. This week's forecast has been good, but I've been lazy. Or let's say, I haven't had enough to give to every area in my life that needs attention lately. Pray with me. I've also started another project. This WIP is a serious adaptation of what the designer calls a christening shawl. I plan to use it as that duvet cover for the toddler bed that I never got around to designing myself. I'm working it in cotton thread because the pattern calls for three cones of this beautiful silk that costs $30-40 each. If this works out the way I hope, I'll make the investment, but for now it's the cheap stuff.

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