Friday, September 22, 2006

It's been a very long time, I know. But thanks for sticking with me. Yeah, right. I know hardly anyone looks at this blog. Although I've been away, I have been crafting. I need to, especially since I've been going through some crazy times, not having a permanent full-time job and all. I made a travel bag, which I think is pretty cool, cause if you stretch it out, just through it in the wash and it will shrink back up. I'm gonna have to since I chose to make mine white. I still haven't finished HP's sweater. Her head is too big for the head hole, I'm going to just make it in the stockinette stitch. I started a sweater for myself. One I've been wanting to make for a long time. Of course, I used a less expensive yarn as usual. The acrylic seems to be working out fine so far. Now, I'm trying to learn how to make socks on two sticks. I'm improvising as I go along because I didn't want to make them for myself. HP has this orange corduroy dress she needs some to go with. I know this is probably not the greatest idea since I've never knitted socks before, but oh well, I'm going for it. I know, I know, I've really got to commit to one project and finish it. My abandonment rate has increased for some reason. I think it's time for a nice safe blanket or scarf. I mean after all, this is supposed to be relaxing, isn't it. I've also been taking an online class. Business with an entrepreneur's emphasis.

I like it so far, the book is really insightful. It's my first online class though, and I hope I'm doing everything right. We're required to
take quizzes and post to the discussion board, but the only thing that I can see my grades for are the quizzes. Of course there are some offline assignments due closer toward the end of the term that weigh pretty heavily on our grades. I also read this good book about black folks and their skin tone. It's set in a time period a few decades back, but I think it's still relevant for us today. Ya'll ought to check it out. It's called Something Deep In My Bones by Eboni Snoe. Man, I wanted to kill that granny myself!

My son turned the big 9.0. Whew! This sure is hard for me to deal with. But, for the first time I baked him a cake instead of buying it at the store. It was supposed to look like a NASCAR. It didn't, but he totally loved it, and that's good. I'll do it for HP next month too. I'm planning on making a butterfly, but we'll see. I was sooo stressed out and nervous about the car. I used super moist boxed cake and so any indentations that were supposed to be baked on for me to follow were too moist to see. I even put whipped cream filling with strawberries, bananas and peaches. It was a success. All of the day care kids had seconds. I'll have to pat my own self on the back. The kids are doing great, but Lord, I'll be glad when HP grows out of those terrible twos. The tantrums get really fierce sometimes. Sometimes, I'm so tired I just let her go in her room to rant and rave till she passes out. Exibit A... Can you find the quiet in this storm? I wouldn't call this one a diva in training. I trully do think that she has already arrived. I'd like to begin referring to myself as the diva tamer. I know what you're thinking, but I sware she came out like this. Since it was just me and her during those first months, I don't have any witnesses. We were watching the movie "Take the Lead," and the kids started dressing up in the evening attire. When the that actress "Ya-ya" began to put her dress on, HP walks up to the television and shouts, "You're not the princess!" We just had to shake our heads on that one because we really weren't that surprised.

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