Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ok, what the heck am I doing? Why am I torturing myself? See, I started this sweater for HP. It calls for a yarn that I think has been discontinued. I mean, I got the pattern directly from the yarn manufacturer, and I can't even find details about the yarn on their website. This is why I've made the assumption. So, I looked the yarn up on other online yarn retailers and found what I think Rowan is calling for. They call it Handknit Cotton. And from what I can find it's about 90 yards per 50 g ball, also at about $5-6 per ball. Nope too expensive. So, I have the nerve to try this stuff I got at the local yarn store. Only $2.75 per 50 grams, but also only 70 yards. Can you say chunky. But I was determined this time to get the correct gauge of 20 stiches per 10 cm and 28 rows. How come, with yarn this chunky, I could only achieve this gauge with some size US 4 needles?! OMG. And I think I'm going to keep going too. At least until somebody stops me.

The results so far...

Also, a note. I know that the pictures that I post are of very poor quality, and I'm working on providing better ones. I'm studying my camera's manual today.

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