Monday, February 26, 2007

Whew. What a lovely weekend. Look what I found.

This was one of my first major projects many years ago before my kids were even thought of. I guess I was crocheting for some imaginary baby somewhere. I knew how to select the right size yarn, with the help of the then Straw Into Gold store associate. But didn't know how much yarn to get. It wasn't a big deal since no one was scheduled to wear it anyway. But nevertheless, a shame it's never been, never will be worn. By the time I went back to get more yarn, still before the kids, the store had closed. It later evolved into what's now known as Crystal Palace Yarns.

This weekend I went to Stitches West. It was so much fun. You were not allowed to bring your camera into the event, but here's my post card to prove I was there. I have a girlfriend who makes fun of me because of my yarn fetish. I'm telling her that I know she wishes she could knit/crochet.

My goal, as usual was to score some major deals. Many vendors had what they called a deal, but not enough for me. Here's how I made out anyway.

I got these skeins of sock yarn from the Bay Area Knit Co-op for $7.95 each. I call this a bargain cause it feels the same as those $12 sock skeins. These will be my first conservatively colored pair of hand knit socks.

I couldn't resist this ribbon yarn. From a maker called Tess. The Baby Kimono that it's designated for is simply delicious. This was my impulse buy. I couldn't resist.

I wore my new socks to the event. They came from this free toe-up pattern on, but shame on the designer for not including a stretchy bind off. I used this one with a one by one ribbing. She also advised that I use a needle size one size smaller than what the yarn called for. I can see why. Comfy socks, but a little to baggy for shoes. However, when I took this advise on my next sock, it fit much too tight. Not "the tighter the better", but still a good pattern that I'll continue to use.

Remember this yarn? It used to be a hat. A had that wasn't worn much at all.

On the Stitch and Ride to San Jose (the Capital Corridor). We were given very cool goodie bags that included some tools, a nice pattern book, and even some bamboo/cotton yarn. Just one skein that I have no idea what I'm going to do with.

And finally, my find of the day that made all of the walking around worth it. ..

What amounts to about 800 yards of luxurious silk made from The Village Spinning and Weaving Shop for a mere $24. I've never used any of their yarns before, but this beauty is going to be the sexy tank that makes everyone jealous. Those people even had the nerve to be selling buffalo yarn. I guess that can't be any worse than the vendors there that turned dog fir into yarn.

I also made some pretty cool friends on the train up there, which was great cause I was planning to spend the whole day by myself. Thanks you guys.

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