Thursday, April 05, 2007

Kimono Done!

Well, here she is. Seen here with a cute Nartjie skirt.

The fabric glue recommended to secure the weaved in end worked so well that I became inspired. The brand I chose yields a strong hold without leaking through to the other side of the fabric (I guess it's supposed to work like that). I reinforced the edges (excluding the neck) with some 3/8" textured ribon. This should prevent this very stretchy fabric from stretching out of shape when worn.

I also took this opportunity to make a button band, made out of a strand of the actual yan.

The buttons couldn't have been more perfect.

So, that's the finished product, all ready for Resurrection Sunday. Seen Ahhh, this reminds me of the day they told me, "It's a girl."

1 comment:

Patrice said...

Hey Nikki, what fabric glue did you use? I've been looking all over for a good product, but haven't found anything yet.