Tuesday, April 24, 2007

This is what I hate most about using the best, hand washing. Oh well, these are only small items that will dry quickly.

Whew, for some reason I'm bushed. Could it be my 45 min commute, or staring at the computer all day without success. My MsgBox macro keeps halting the macro group, I can't quite figure out how to maximize help features in my database, and, I've hit writers block (in a techie way) when it comes to this database tutorial I'm writing. But low and behold something has got this look on my face. The credit goes to one good ass song after another (sorry for cussin') on Yahoo! Music Adult R & B station.

I'm working on the first sleeve for Sloppy Joe. It keeps going on and on. I suspect I'll be finished by oh say, Sunday. Ciao!

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