Sunday, May 06, 2007

Big Catch Up

A lot has transpired since my last blog. First off, I've finished Sloppy Joe. I think that I've done a pretty good job. The only mod I made was to the sleeve increases. For my size I began to to increase every 5th row after 68 stitches. The other way would have produced sleeves way to long. I have to also give a hand slap to the designer, Louisa Harding that the width of the sweater be 44 inches. What a typo!

The design does include these split sides, but looking at the picture I don't think this suits me. I may consider sewing them up.

I mean, I like the way the sweater fits and all. It's very comfy and I love the yarn, but it's not as sloppy looking as it was on the model. I studied the picture of her and noticed that she wasn't very blessed in the boobs area. Although the sweater does not fit me tightly at all, I definitely think that it's not as loose as it was supposed to be. However, going up one size would have been a mistake. I guess I'm just not that into sloppy. The rib pattern is very cool.

I am also performing a major experiment. I mean, after the post before last you probably new this was coming. So, here's the beginning of my journal on Locking Tots. Hmmm, is this a good idea? Well, here are some pics on how it started out. Here's HP sitting on the couch. She felt very cute on this day and asked me to take a picture with her rocking the fro.

About a week later, she's sitting in the chair of my stylist, Shannon. Every day debris was stored up in the fro.

Here's HP Getting her neck and head massage,

Please take note of the glamorous-ness of Shannon. These perfectly groomed back length locs are exactly what we're going for, so HP is in good hands.

She's just been shampooed.

She didn't fidget or anything the entire time (about 1 1/2 hours).

Here she is half way clipped.

And now almost completely clipped (the reason I pay to have my hair maintained, Shannon is very meticulous and never neglects a single hair.)

Getting her under the dryer was a different thing, we eventually got the 4 pillows to stop slipping.
And, voila. HP loves it, and so do I. She's feeling it.

I must admit though, that after one week, she looks quite scruffy. But she's still just a beautiful.

She started pre-school. Where we live, pre-school is not free. You have to shop around for it like a daycare. She flipped out when I didn't let her out at the same school her brother went to. He-he-he.

Here she is with her new principal. You can tell the locs have shrunken back and stuck to her head a little. I tried to dress them up with barrettes.

She's already made a friend.And, believe it or not, she's sitting in circle time (in this case square time). She asks me everyday, if she's going to school. I'm so happy she loves it!


Nikki said...

I'm so impressed that she sat through that whole process without just jumping about. I got fidgety just watching. But I bet they will soon be beautiful. And I like the sweater. Sorry if it's not as sloppy on you as the model. It's about time us tiny-boobied women got something!

Nikkij said...

Being able to sit in the stylist's chair was the main highlight for her. She's always been such a diva when it comes to these things. Yep, you would probably look great in the Sloppy Joe.

Anonymous said...

Your sweater" sloppy joe" is beautiful. Looks like something I would buy at the store. Keep up the good work!

Sometimes it blows my mind when I see pics of HP. I would swear that Im looking at you when we were kids.

I love your journal. HP's locs are relly pretty. I especially like the flower adornment. Michael would never let me loc Mikayla's hair, I dont think she would either. She is looking too forward to the opportunity when she can wear her hair down with no braids or rubberbands, You know that whole "Raven Simone and Hanna Montanna " world.

Im glad HP enjoys pre-school. You've done such an excellent job with her up to this point, but watch out. She's getting ready to take off!

Maybe this was too much for your blog and I should have sent an email. Still learning online etiquitte.

Anonymous said...

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