Saturday, June 16, 2007

Here are just a few phrases and circumstances that I experience right after I've worked about 1/2 row of any project. I experience at least one of these right after sitting down to crochet/knit or whatever, every single time. Sometimes I think they hate me.

1. I'm finiiiiished.
2. I can't find it.
3. It's not working.
4. NO!!! Shut up you booda head!
5. I'm telling.
6. Five minutes after dinner time is all wrapped up, "I'm thirsty."
7. The sound of running water in the background that goes on and on and on when there are no fountains in the house.
8. Utter silence.
9. oooooOOOOO....


AllyB said...

Hang in there! They do eventually grow up. Although now my baby is 27, lives 5 doors down the street and shows up almost every day..."what ya doin?" But at least we can knit together and I don't have to wipe anything for her anymore. lol I enjoy reading your blog. Thank you

Sheila said...

They don't hate... is natural. As for me a 19 yo... Maaa!! the cat is trying to scratch meeee!!

46 yo... Hon!!! where is my hammer!!!

cher said...

Oh my gosh, I finally found you!
I've been searching for your blog since Stitches. Looks like you've been busy. Love your blog, I'll have to add it to my roll now that I found it.