Saturday, October 13, 2007

Princess Attire

Well, I finally found buttons for the mini Feminine Puff Sleeve Cardi. They're just little purple hearts that I forgot to get a closeup of (all pics enlarge). I wanted to post sooner but it's been rainy and overcast here and the light's not good on those days in my neutral colored home (I did that on purpose, I had no idea I'd try being an amateur photographer one day).

I like it a lot. We got this tu-tu at Walmart. It's by Danskin. I was all set to make one, I had even gotten the tulle cut. Thank God I only got 1/2 yard of each (a total of about $1.40). When going to get tights, I ran into this tu-tu in their dance wear section. Hmmm, the other Walmart nor Target had this much dance attire.

I finally finished the Shetland Triangle. It's blocking now and I'll try to get some good pictures of it. It had me angry for a minute, so I had to step away. That's when I started this....

It's going to be a little t-shirt made from the Knit-Picks merino that I tried to die with the strawberry kool-aid. Not at all the color I was going for, but it won't go to waste. I was thinking about calling it Melting Hearts or Cupid. At first the lace looked like hearts, but now I just see arrows. It's working up pretty quickly, but I had to put it down to finish those other two projects.


Virtuous said...

She looks too cute in her tutu!!! Great enseamble!

And I am liking the name of 'Melting Hearts'. I have yet to try my hand at dying yarn, and have been wanting to do the kool-aid technique first...we will see!

del said...

I think the colors in the top are great...either name will fit.

And the cardi is adorable with that tutu!

Nik said...

Look at little cutie with her hands on her pretend hips. *lol*

That is going to be a cute sweater.

NikkiJ said...

Thank you. My baby doesn't tolerate many detail oriented tasks, but for some reason she will let me dress her up.