Thursday, October 04, 2007

Getting Flowers

Today, my office mate (the two of us share one office) got flowers. She wasn't here when they arrived and I nearly burst at the seams waiting for her to return. The anticipation was fun and I suggested she guess who they were from before opening the card. "I think I may know. Oh I haven't gotten flowers in a very long time." She recently returned to her hometown in New Mexico and got acquainted with a cowboy while there. I've been teasing her ever since. Needless to say, the flowers were from that same cowboy. "Ooooooo!", I said. "He's trying to stake his claim. Everyone knows flowers attract attention." Teasing her was fun.
Now, as the day progresses, I keep looking at these f@#$%%@ flowers and realize that the last time I got flowers was from my brother on Mother's Day 3 years ago. I'm not jealous. God knows my office mate needs flowers just about as bad as I do. But damn, when are mine coming? To add insult to injury, I started thinking back to the last time a man wooed me with flowers. Turned out he wasn't worth the dirt they were grown in.

I remember clearly walking around the financial district of San Francisco. He bought me huge exotic bouquets that I would have a hard time placing somewhere safe while we ate lunch. Strangers would say stuff like, "You gotta a good one, girl." and "I'd keep him." They needed flowers too. Who knew that about 7 months later I would drop him instantly because upon discovering that he had fathered a third child, he decided that he didn't want anything to do with him but would pay child support. It was the attitude not the third child that sent me running.

It's not just flowers. My last love brought me watermelons grown carefully in the rich California soil by a Baptist preacher. Upon cracking one of these bad boys open during a family gathering at my home, that fragrant sweet smell was so overwhelming that several relatives demanded that I stop everything and summon this man so that he could bring them to the Baptist preacher so that they could get their own watermelons. He came then, but I don't get watermelons anymore.

My current life is so overwhelming that I barely have time to think about dating. If I were in a relationship he'd undoubtedly feel neglected. And these days I choose to focus more on living an abundant life that doesn't focus on wanting a man. I think I do a pretty good job. With that said. WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FLOWERS?!?!

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KnitFloozy said...

gurl forget that man and buy your own flowers!! I buy them for myself cos I wanna see them in my office.