Sunday, December 23, 2007

FO's, FO's Everywhere

Ok, just a couple of FO's. First let me start off by saying that I must cherish every moment left of blogging with images as my camera is failing fast.

This is me giving it a good talking to on the way to Teddy Bear's Christmas program.

You'd better not piss out on me now. You better not.

Second, I've been finished with the Mini Anthropologie for a while now. When I finally got in the groove it only took like a day. I'm using a studded hair pin to hold in closed. I would have preferred a brooch, but I couldn't find one proportionate to Teddy Bear's size. This worked well too because I could pin it to the dress without poking through the fabric and therefore keep everything in place.

Teddy Bear was supposed to have a semi-solo (her and two other kids) but chickened out at the last milisecond. When she got up to the mic she just turned right back around and went to her teacher. Darn. She then played this game of hear no evil, see no evil. Oh well.

Oh, and I love my up do. I am well pleased, can't you tell? I've tried to capture every angle for your viewing pleasure. I know there may be naturalists out there who'd like to criticize my meticulously groomed locks. So sorry to disappoint. You WILL be seeing more of these creative endeavors.

The gathered pullover is a wrap. When I first saw it I thought that it would be perfect for a recycling project. I was right. It looks good on, but I must say that the sleeves look a little wonky when laying flat. Imagine my anguish when realizing that the sleeves may be too small for the sleeve holes (I know there's a technical name for this but I just can't think of it right now). The designer should have put a little note saying something like "Warning, the sleeves may look too small but they are not. You will have to work carefully with them but they will fit. We recommend crocheting them in with a slip stitch." I always crochet my sleeves in, but this method was especially useful this time. By the way, Banana Republic sews all their seams with a crochet slip stitch. Just a little interesting tid bit of knowledge. I just like the rolled edge look in general and it seems like everything store bought with this feature is a little pricey. I wonder why? I also like my sleeves long, so I didn't adjust them.


Virtuous said...

Love your recycled gathered pullover! It fits you perfectly!

Thanks for that tip about the deceiving sleeves! And intriguing about the BR tip! I must try the Sl St seaming one day.

The mini anthropologie is too cute!
Aah Teddy Bear! She will grab the crowd next time! :oD

Merry Christmas!

Cas... said...

I love your sweaters. They are too cute. Poor Teddy Bear. That stage fright is something I am sure.

Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

Hey, if I was Teddy Bear, I would've done the same thing...all those people staring at you, whew! :-)

Love the Gathered Pullover. That's a great way to recycle.

Sahara said...

Very nice! That top looks great on you. And your hair is slammin!!

What naturalists are gonna complain? Women have been styling their natural hair for thousands of years. There is nothing wrong with expressing our creativity through our hair. After all, the cultivation of locks, is achieved through a form of spinning.

Some folks have no imagination. I'm sure glad you do.