Sunday, December 09, 2007

Knitting A.D.D.

It's because of the stress. I've still been working on the gathered pullover. If anyone has ever wondered why Banana Republic's clothes cost so much....
Well, let's just say this is a lot of yarn from one sweater. The yarn is DK weight and so I'm using size 4 needles in order to get my gathered pullover's gather to closely resemble that of the original's. I'm pleased so far and it's fitting quite well.

I can't stop running my fingers across that bumpy thing.

I think I have about six projects on needles right now and this is so unlike me. I knited all day on Saturday and didn't make any progress. I must have tried to start the sleeves for the pullover about 4 times. All without success because I kept twisting the stitches when joining in the round. Sooooo, frustrating! My troubles wouldn't let me focus. I switched back and forth from that sleeve to starting a mini Anthropologie all day long. At the end of the day I had nothing. All this, while watching the whole third season of Heroes on Netflix (What do you want your special ability to be? I like the copy cat girl.). Today, all I have left of the Anthropologie is one cuff. Very much a quickie. It wasn't until I was done that I realized the reason that the "designer" worked the yarn-over increases on the purl side. I was certain she was just playing a sadistic little trick on us. This is what slowed me down. After I started increasing on the knit side, it just flew by.

I need this little shrug to go with Teddybear's xmas dress. I don't like my boo-boo to have bare arms. I know this dress doesn't look like all that in the picture, but it was really cute on her and works well with her chocolate skin. She really likes it too, and it's a decent price. There's a tiny bit of gold spark-ly striping, but you can barely see it in real life either. Now it's time to accesorize with some bling. She's going to need a butterfly broach for her shrug, maybe some rhinestone hair accessories. Would a necklace be too much? She wanted that little purse, but I don't like it. There were little glitter shoes too, but those were just as much as the dress. We're doing it big since she's going on stage for her first Christmas program.

Yes, this week has been so @#$%ed up that of course I resorted to dressing up my mini me. Didn't you know she's part of the hobby? She never minds, thank God. But, I hope I'm not creating some sort of twisted co-dependency. I can see her 12 years from now, "Oh, mommy's depressed and stressed. Let me go comfort her. I might get some boots out of it." I thought about just vegging out on Cinnabon and champagne, but for some reason I didn't think that was the right way to go. I was right, I conquered this week and claimed the victory, but there's still a lot of work ahead. This start-itis is over. Within the next two weeks or less, I promise one of these projects is leaving my needles.


Cas... said...

I like your sweater. I will give you lots of credit for all the beautiful work you do.

Your mini me is adorable! I would use her for modeling too if she was my kid! LOL! Don't think of its as a co-dependency but of a stress reliever!

Harlem Purl said...

Does this mean that I have to manage my start-itis also? Lets just say, I aint makin no promises I can't keep if you catch my drift.

urbanknitrix said...

Your sweater is coming out nicely. I think I might have to jump on the bandwagon!!!

Dress her while you have the chance because soon she will be telling you what she wants and what colors.

Keep up the great knitting!!!

Sheila said...

I am so impressed with the way you are able to refashion yarn. The gathered pullover is very popular and after visiting a few bloggers who’ve done the gathered pullover- its making me want to jump on the bandwagon. I think it’s the holiday season, that has quite a few of us suffering with A.D.D., but you are definitely in the lead with six projects…lol - Looking forward to your mini Anthropologie - your daughter is going to look gorgeously adorable.

NikkiJ said...

Thanks for the support. The Gathered Pullover is very quick and it was fun watching that cable come together. Sheila, I can't wait to see yours. Thanks for the complements Cas.

Virtuous said...

I keep hearing that the GP knits fast....was the cable hard??
Dang all of y'all are going to make me want to knit it!!

NikkiJ said...

Virtuous, the cable is not hard at all. Since you're working in the round, you have to read from right to left on every row.