Sunday, March 09, 2008

Thank You Hat

Ok, I've finished my co-worker's thank you gift. He said that he wanted something yellow and gray. The dark color is actually a very dark gray, or off-black. I saw this dude once with a lace hat on. I chuckled because he probably had no idea that he was wearing lace. I pictured him buying the had and saying "ah, man, this one with the holes is tiiiight", or something like that. It wasn't fancy lace, just the YO K2tog kind. Anyway since it's almost spring, and I know this co-worker is a regular on the golf course, I thought it might be wise to incorporate some holes into this wool hat. It's also soft enough and thin enough so that he can ball it up and stuff it into one of his pockets if it gets too hot.

I used Claudia Hand Painted Yarns. This fingering weight yarn comes in a 175 yard skein and I still have a huge hand full left. I used the Visor Beanie pattern by Suzanne Steiger. It's very easy but I think some of the numbers are off a little. I'll have to make another to be sure, it could just be me. I added 3 more rounds and one round of sc around the whole beanie after adding the visor. The fact that the pattern called for worsted weight yarn and I used a fingering weight with a hook 2 mm larger than what was recommended led to this net like fabric. I like it. If the recipient isn't feeling it, I'll re-do it. This visor only took a day.

There was a little neighborhood event yesterday called Second Saturdays. It was held next door to this coffee shop in a big room about the same size as the coffee shop. All it was basically is some folk like you and I getting together to show off their stuff, and hopefully sell it. Where are my Sacramento Ebony Elite sistahs at? We need to organize to do what these ladies were doing. It's here where they invited some Alpacas for some reason. I say for some reason because it really was a tiny venue. Teddy bear liked them and I did too. They are very gentle and of course very soft.

Also, I found a breeder for Angora bunnies (they were there too). I could have sworn I took a picture of my bunny's daddy, dang. They've never bred before and my order will probably be their first batch. Time to start looking for my bunny supplies. Then I'll call them. They said you don't even have to shear the bunnies and proceeded to just pluck old boy's fur out. He didn't even flinch. I also got a little lesson from a spinner that was there. I don't know why I thought a lesson was going to make my progress any quicker. I just have to keep practicing. I reminded Little Man that George Washington Carver spun and dyed his own yarn and that if he learned to do this, he would just be following the footsteps of a great African American man. This is all true, but I'm just really trying to get me some yarn out of those bunnies and I might need some extra hands for that.


del said...

Hee hee, start 'em young. I have mine winding hanks for me, lol.

del said...

Oops, I forgot...the hat came out nice! I like how the colors work together.

Sheila said...

Now that's my kinda hat... you've guessed it, I'm a hat fan. The colorway is great.