Wednesday, May 31, 2006

One thing this weekend was not is a bust. I met my parents up in Windsor. I'd never heard of that place before this weekend, but it's near the wineries in Sanoma. We got there Saturday evening, which was cool. Even the kids vowed to kick back in front of the TV once we got to the time share. Which was quite cozy I might add. My step-mom said she'd been to better ones, but this one was like a little apartment. The next morning they had to do the traditional meet-and-greet with the time share people. But then that afternoon we took a lovely drive to California's Old Faithful (pretty cool), and a winery with free tastings who's name I can't remember (Suitui, I think). I definately want to do it again. The winery thing that is (with not kids). I started this cute little tank that I think I'll be done with in a few days. Maybe I'll wear it next weekend if I can get a sitter. Pleeeease, Daddy! I'm so grateful my dad still allows me to be a mooch at my age. With two, kids, I prolly would never get to do anything if he didnt. My brother does too, and I feel guilty. But if it wasn't for those two and others who help me with the kids, I would never get treated to anything. Well, enough of feeling sorry for myself, I know I don't deserve any of your charity guys, but I'm sure happy to accept it. Oh yeah, I'm promise to update these blogs with pics, but with my dial up (yes, I said dial up) it's taking too long to update them lately. I'll try again tonight if I can get a moment of peace. Ta ta.

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