Thursday, September 20, 2007

Too Much Candy

I am an emotional eater. Some may say that this is the worst kind. This destructive habit has really gotten out of control this week because I haven't been able to knit as much. However, I have stayed up till midnight a few nights already just to reach a couple of milestones. I also think that one of the problems is that I don't cry much anymore. I often feel like I want to, but I don't. One of my pet peeves is heffas who cry at work. I could take an entire lengthy post to explain why, but I won't. I have cried at work a little, but I absolutely don't do it now.

I can't cry at home, because if I do it worries the children. Now, I raise my children with the truth. I don't lie to them about things going on in the world, and I don't give credit to Santa for all my hard work, that kind of truth. But your babies feel every thing you do when and if you express it. I have to protect them from what I feel inside sometimes. If they could feel what I feel, they might lay down and die. By the time they go to sleep, the urge to cry has some how subsided. So, this is why I don't cry much. I was childless for a week not too long ago and couldn't even watch dramatic commercials without balling. And because I refrain so much, the tears come at inappropriate times.

The "mini" puff sleeve cardigan was nearly complete but I ran out of yarn. I originally got this yarn to make some funky toddler knee-highs. Then I remembered the last time I bought one hank of Cherry Tree Hill yarn. It lasted forever, and even after a pair of socks and a beanie I still had a hand full. Now this yarn soothes me enough so that I could walk around all day fondling that hand full, but what a waste. So, I started to stash bust and remembered what I had left over from these purple socks (scroll down). Colorful, I know, but hey she'll have enough time to have to dress to try to blend in. Now is not one of them. I'll use the bright purple on the button band as well. So, I only needed what I had left of the MC to do the two sleeves. Darn it! I still ran out.

So here's my plan, tell me what you think (I mean it, I've noticed that knit/crochet bloggers tend not to leave negative comments. Why is this? Some of this stuff just be tacky.) cause none of my LYS carry Cherry Tree Hill (the store I got it from is closing so I got this one and only for 50% off). I've even put a want add on Craig's list just in case my plan fails miserably. The name of the colorway is Winterberry. I remembered this Lorna's lace colorway I purchased online. When it came it just was not what I was expecting. So, I've struggled with dedicating it to any one thing. If I alternate rows with the MC and this substitute, it should blend in. It's just one sleeve. No one should notice. Look for yourself.

Now from a slightly different angle.

Am I fooling myself? Sitting on top of the sweater is a sock knitted with the substitute. Next to it is a ball of the substitute and, sitting on top of that ball is a piece of scrap of the MC. I don't think it sticks out that much.

She will wear this with a tu-tu and tiara and on that day we will be princesses and go to build-a-bear and have cake and maybe play in make up at the MAC counter.


Virtuous said...

Gurl you must write a post about not crying at work! Yep I understand about holding it all in and doing at the craziest/non-related times!

And you are right....there is too much tongue and cheek in the knit blog world...sigh I want more people to talk about THEIR OWN mistakes and how it looks a hot mess if nothing else! HAHA!
I honestly could do without you pointing your nasty finger at me saying it looks me I am not in denial HAHA and I get enough negativity everyday (I don't need help in that area)!

And you are not in denial either on your cute mini puff cardi!! I HONESTLY cannot tell the difference between the two sleeves.

Y'all have such a fun princess day!

Sheila said...

The substitute yarn should blend in well because its a variegated yarn. The cardi is so cute... Have a beautiful day with your daughter.

AnneV said...

Hi! You left a comment in my blog, asking about a shawl pattern. It's of Icelandic origin, called "Hyrna Herborgar" and can be found in the book "Three-cornered and long shawls" which is available at . There's an English translation as well.

The price of the book is rather steep, so another option is to buy just this particular pattern. It's available via Arnica, a Danish company. The instructions are available in English, and personally I think they're clear and easy to understand.

Hyrna is such a lovely pattern and so much easier to wear than some triangular shawls, but blocking it is sheer hell. It's worth the trouble, though.

And thank you for visiting - now that I found your interesting blog, I'll have a lot of catching up to do. --And about the yarn substitute: indeed, mix it with the original and it'll blend in nicely. Trust me :-)