Sunday, September 02, 2007

3 New Projects!?! No Problem.

I had genuine intentions on sending this gift off in the mail by now. I made the size 12 binkini bottom for my girlfriend's daughter (a 17/18 yo six foot something college freshman) who is stacked in an athletic way. I've never had an athletic body, but I was once a size 12 and I just don't remember it being this small. That tape measure says about 14 inches from seam to seam. So, I asked my girl to get some of the kid's undies, lay them flat on the table, and measure them from seam to seam. Her response "Her waste size is 27, and can you make something that covers her butt?" My reply? "This is what you described to me. If I make this she'll be mad." After showing her what she said, she agreed that something a little less granny would be suitable. She still hasn't given me the measurements that I asked for and I'm not continuing with the bikini until she does.

It's time for winter fall/knitting. It's triple digits here in central California, so who knows if were ever going to need fall clothing. Last year we went directly from summer to winter everything from here on out will be wool. I know I'm crazy for this, but I'm converting the puff sleeve cardigan from Fitted Knits into a toddler size. I'm using sock yarn and size 2 and 0 needles and knitting the smallest size. It seems to being going as planned so far.

And, I've found me a new favorite yarn store, albeit not local. I went to the Bay Area yesterday and stopped by a yarn store I'd read about in a magazine or something (I really can't remember) named Artical Pract. It's my new favorite because their selection is bountiful. They probably have every yarn used by the full-time designer and LOTS of color choices. To me this means that I can substitute with more certainty because I have the actual yarn used right there in the store with me. No, I didn't go on a spending binge, but I did pick up something new and unexpected. I'm knitting a Tomten for little man with this stuff called Ecological Wool made by Cascade Yarns. You get 478 yards for $15. I asked the associated, to "Just tell me straight up what the story behind this yarn is. Why is it so cheap?" She replied that Cascade just wanted to provide a more affordable yarn, she's seen a lot of people knit sweaters with it (3.5 stitches per inch), and she'd definitely buy it. I was sold.

I've studied and studied Brooklyn Tweed's rendition of an adult Tomten and I am certain that I can make my own version without the pattern. You just watch.

And, oh yes, we're going to try to turn last years uniform pants into a rug. Should be easy enough.

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Virtuous said...

LOL @ fruit of the loom! I wouldn't blame for not continuing if she can't get you those #s!

Wow! @ the Cascade yarn....I must check it out!

OMG! That is going to be so cute at mini verison of Fitted Knits cardi!