Friday, August 24, 2007

Night Time Ain't Always the Right Time

My mom used to were camisoles outside all the time. Us kids just used to laugh and were actually kind of glad we knew her little secret. Mom could make a shell and cardigan/blazer combo out of anything. She just needed the right stuff. The lingerie drawer was never off limits. I wanted to wait until I could coordinate this with some sort of flair chocolate brown skirt, maybe raw silk. Alas, I can not sew that well, so why keep you waiting. I can't tell if this knit up quickly or if I just really wanted the top badly. Knit one and let me know what you think. The tank underneath is chocolate brown. The picture doesn't show it clearly so you have to used your imagination (sorry).

I don't know if I'll ever wear this to sleep. This is my second lace garment. You may notice the mistakes you may not. Basically, I couldn't figure out how to pick up the yarn overs when I needed to back out a few rows. I figured it out later. I learned that lace knitting is not blind knitting. You have to pay attention to what you're going for and where you've been. This doesn't mean knitting lace is hard.

Yarn Used: Hempathy. 34% Hemp, 41% cotton, 25% Modal. I'd intended on using cotton. But I'd always wanted to do a project in Hemp. With this yarn I got the best of both worlds. I kept thinking that if we lived off the land, this is what our clothes would feel like. It's not too rough, and not too soft, and hemp is supposed to soften each time you wash it.

Needles Used: Size 4 Addy turbos, Yeah!
Modifications: None

I didn't knit the largest size this time. So, I think I might have enough yarn to crochet this bikini I've been promising someone.


Monique said...

Very nice! You did a great job. Keep it up!

Sheila said...

Love the way it turned out and I checked out hempathy and its one of Elizabeth Lavold's product... love her yarn.

Virtuous said...

I really like it Nikki! I agree that top definitely is not for the night time. It is too beautiful! And I love chocolate combos.

LOL @ couldn't tell if it knitted fast or you just wanted it really badly! Haha!

I was wondering how your yarn feels.

Very cute camisole!

Cas... said...

Beautiful! I love it. Very nice. Always remember mistakes happen when you are learning. You should look back at this to see how you evolved in the future. It will make you feel great!

Sheila said...

Thank You ... btw after seeing your gorgeous camisole worked up in Hempathy - I bought a few balls from in a dark rose color, can't wait to work it up. Happy Labor Day!!