Tuesday, August 14, 2007

2 FO's!

This right here is a lace shawl.

Yarn Used: Knit Picks Shadow 100% Merino
Kneedles Used: Size 6 Circular Susan Bates Quicksilver.
Modifications: The yarn. The pattern calls for DK weight, since I used lace weight it's about half the size it should be. This is cool wit me.

I don't care how easy it was, the pattern said it was lace, so I finally knitted lace! Oh wow, I'm a knitter. I'll wear this in the Fall and Winter while knitting on the couch. My kids fight over "blankies." Even if I'm using it, they claim they're cold so that they can get under it with me. This would be fine, if they didn't want to pin my arms down while snuggling up.

And, one sizzling hot Coechellllllllla. Did ya'll catch my Italian accent?

Back fat included. It's still hot. Heyyyyy!

Yarn used: Fine weight recycled very snaggy single strand 100% rayon.
Main Kneedles Used: Size 4 Addy Turbos ( I finally recognized their worth).
Modifications: A couple. I had to do a stretchy bind-off so that it would glide over them hips. I picked up about 150-160 stitches around the armholes to eliminate gapping at the neck and to hold in some of that back fat.

I'm satisfied with both projects.


KimT said...

both projects are great!

Virtuous said...

That shawl is just beautiful! Nice work!

And work the Coechellllllllla Gurl!! :oD

So what is up next?!

Sheila said...

The coachella came out very very nice... and it fits perfectly. Everyone seems to be doing lace shawls... I need to get on the bandwagon.. yours came out gorgeous.

Renee said...

Hey! I just took an intro to lace class and I want a shawl to try after my lace scarf is finished. This shawl seems perfect. Where did you find the pattern?

Renee (from Ebony Elite)

NikkiJ said...

Renee, this was the Flower Petal Shawl from Elann. The link to it is in my July 29th post.

Susan said...

Girrrlllllll - you are rockin' that coachella. Simply gorgeous.


Guaria del Bosque said...

From what book did you get the pattern for that fabulous shawl?