Friday, August 17, 2007

I Got Next

You all remember this phrase. You'd hear it while waiting your turn in line for a video game or pin ball machine or something. Kids would place their coin on the machine and walk away for a time then return and proclaim "I got next!" You new this meant that you'd have to wait longer to play than you originally thought when you walked up to this seemingly deserted machine. You couldn't really argue with this other kid who popped out of nowhere because you didn't know how long he'd been waiting or even if he'd been waiting at all. Those coins had to belong to someone.

Well, "I got next" is what this lace nightie hollered out to me as soon as coachella and the flower petal shawl jumped off my needles. Doesn't it know that I promised to crochet a special gift for someone? Doesn't it know that little man needs a Tomten sweater for the fall. This will be my last summer tank, I swear. Good thing it's been growing quickly. I started it yesterday and got this far...

...and today I'm this far.

This progress is in part thanks to Amtrak for canceling my 5:55 ride on the Capital Corridor at 8:00 pm. Normally sitting and waiting being faced with uncertainty should irritate the common woman, but this yarn fetish (I'm using this yarn called Hempathy, a blend of hemp, cotton, and silk?) makes me uncommon. My mother tells me that the only other person she's ever seen knit or crochet as much as I do is her great grandmother. Ah ha, so this is a genetic affliction. I have to go, the lace nightie is calling me.


Sheila said...

I got next… I like that flash back to the days of yester year…lol. I actually printed out the pattern in the hopes of casting on, so I can get my hands wet doing yarn overs and knit2togethers. The lace nightie is coming along nicely and great color choice. I need to check out the Hempathy.

Nikki said...

Coachella is HOOOOOOOT on you! Love it!