Saturday, August 04, 2007

Yucky Days

Teddy Bear and I have been fighting some virus since last weekend. You all probably know how it goes. The care taker gets it last, the mutated version of the virus. Note to self: get an extra car seat cover to stash away for moments such as these or else find one's self hosing it off in the driveway.

Now that I've finished grossing you all out. I've made some progress on the shawl, but haven't taken Coechella any further. The real reason is because even though I started out with nice pretty yarn cakes, I still managed to tangle it, or it tangled itself. Whatever happened, it's not getting an inch longer until I start the untangling process. I'm only pulling from the outside of the ball from now on.

Flower Petal Progress

Now that I'm somewhat comfortable with lace (although I don't think it can get any easier than the flower petal shawl), I'm thinking about my next tank. And really enjoying this knit for Me thing I must say. This Lace Nightie caught my eye. I'll start practicing for it soon, but this won't be my next project.

I'm going to hook up this tunic that I can't find a picture link to right now. You'll have to see what this one looks like the old fashioned way by waiting for the finished product. And oh yes, I need to get my hand on some chocolate brown size 3 mercerized cottons. These stores around here don't seem to have it. Any suggestions are welcome.

I'm also considering frogging this Laundry cardigan I have. It's like this, I love the yarn, but I never really liked the way it fit because of the way the closure pulled. I haven't worn it in 3 years. Perfect for frogging! But, it's a lace weight, so I don't know what the right project will be for it yet. The picture doesn't show how shiny the yarn is, but it's rayon like the Banana Republic vest.


Virtuous said...

Hope you are feeling better now!
Glad you got some knitting in all the sickness!

Sheila said...

You are a patient one... to be able to unravel a garment. Do you have any idea what you would make with it yet.

NikkiJ said...

I'll probably make something lace with it since it's such a fine weight. Also, I think I'm chickening out about unraveling this one.