Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Gettin' Got At

I'm pretty sure there aren't any men who read my blog besides my brother and daddy sometimes. If there are male lurkers, you ought to give a holla in the comments section sometimes, it may make things a little bit more interesting. I said that because I want to talk about something a tiny bit sensitive. Men trying to talk to me.

Beside the recent account I'm about to share with you all, I do not remember the last time a man has tried to "Get At Me." Dang, I've been using this term so freely for so many years I never realized until just now how inappropriate it sounds. Get At. So dam ghetto. Anyway....

While perusing the isles of Walmart, this Walmart employee says, "Can I help you with that cart?" I just thought he was extending some dumb ass kind of customer service so I smiled at him and gave him a cherry no-thank-you. He follow me and admits that he really just asked me that silly question so that he could lead into the can-i-call-you-sometime question.

Me: Oh, I see. Do you work here?

Him: Yes, why, do you need help finding something?

Me: No, I just saw you engaged in a conversation with an employee a minute ago and was wondering.

Him: So, I didn't see a ring on your finger. Are you taken?

Me: No, not yet. So do you work here?

Him: Yes.

Me: So, what do you do here?

Him: I'm a cashier.

Me: Oh.

I quickly divert my eyes towards the cheap acrylic yarns and patterns. I was really looking for a purse handle for my Fat Bottom bag.

Hey, at least I didn't shut him down right away. It's been so long since I've gotten any kind of action I know I need to consider all suitors. He was gross looking and looked to be a little bit younger than me. I ain't feeling no horney cashiers right now. I say horney cause I know he was trying to holla at that woman right before me, when she shut him down, he moved to me, and he didn't waist any time moving on when I showed no interest.

I once asked a guy that if my friend had not tried to match us up, would he had talked to me if he saw me walking down the street. He said that he would not have because I don't look like I need nothin' or nobody. "So, I have to look needy?" I replied. "No, it's just that blah, blah, blah, ....... But you foine as hell, ain't no doubt about that." This didn't encourage me.

My girlfriend once told me that you'll only get out of it (trying to acquire a date) what you put into it. I don't really know if I agree with her, but this does answer so many questions.


Sheila said...

Speaking of Gettin Got At.. I was chatting with one of my sister-friends and she mentioned a brother was trying to get at her.. after everything was said and done.. she said Sheila... when was the last dayummm time you heard the words 5 percenter .... I fell out laughing and I said to her no disrepsect.

botgurl said...

Hahaha. Hopefully I did not misinterpret that you are not down with the proletariat syndrome ;-) So many people have a Wal-Mart pickup story. At least yours was inside a lighted store and not a dark parking lot tee hee.

NikkiJ said...

I don't think that the word proletariat is the right word to use here. No, I am not down with a career cashier, if that's what you mean, LOL. However, there are plenty of labor related careers that I may be willing to date in. I come from a family of long shoremen who made six figures and therefore were excellent providers. Had this guy looked less gross and been a department manager, I may have considered further communicating with him. Ideally, however I would like to end up with someone who is powerfully intellectual. Meaning that his lifestyle has evidence of the use of his intellect.

Knitaholictoo said...

I have to laugh! My cousin was still getting play at 8mths pregnant...some of dem just don't get it!