Thursday, February 28, 2008

I Made It!

Isn't there a gospel song out with this title? I maaaade it! This week has really been something else. The weekend was alright. Knitting, cleaning, lounging. I love rainy days because they give me an excuse to stay in the house all weekend. However, I am ready for Spring. There was some nice weather this week and this was very helpful. I'll tell you why later.

Thank you all for helping me narrow down the dress choices. I asked ya'll which ONE I should choose. How come couldn't hardly nobody just choose one? After tallying all choices, dresses No. 2 and No. 4 tied (scroll down to see dresses). I can work with that. I may not even be able to find the dresses in the stores if I don't move quickly. She's never worn an all red dress. At first I was like, not for Resurrection Sunday. But then again, we are there to be reminded that we're covered by the blood of Jesus.

I'm almost done with Cycling Aran.

I don't feel like weaving in ends and sewing a zipper. I used double stranded worsted weight because I liked the idea of the cables being super chunky. I have to block it. I'm so very lazy that I didn't knit a test swatch and I think it might bite me in the butt this time. I tried it on a co worker. The length was perfect though. The colors are mixed gray light and mixed gray dark. The light gray was supposed to be a vest and the color was discontinued. So, I got dark gray for the back. I think it added a little old school flair.

With my left over yarn I'm making a Brother In Law hat. Kamika paired this up with her Cycling Aran. The hat was for one of the kids (Little Man thinks it looks dorky), but I may send it to Big Bro anyway. Now for the drama. I was leaving for work Monday morning and the car wouldn't start. I stayed home that day, bummed a ride from a reluctant BD2 on Tuesday (and was therefore late), and used public transportation on Wednesday. On weekdays, it takes me an hour to get to work with one stop. I left my house at 7:20 and didn't get to work till 10:00. The bus/light rail dance was seamless. It was the fact that I had to get off a stop and walk a 30 min round trip to drop Teddy Bear to school mixed with the fact that the last light rail stop is 3 miles away from my job. I had to call one of my co-workers to come pick me up. Combine all this with cramps so fierce they had me breaking out into a sweat.

A different co-worker volunteered to get me the day before. Of course he could not be reached. He felt really bad and convinced me to stop what I was doing that very moment to drive the long distance back to my house, jump start my ailing vehicle (battery wouldn't hold a charge and the check engine light was on), recommended a place for me to take it, followed me there, took me back to work, and back to pick up my child and my repaired car at the end of the day. This guy normally irks me a lot for his entertainment. He is now totally redeemed. I will have no problems knitting him a gift since he's been asking me for a hat. It will be the best hat ever. My co-worker who kept giving me rides is getting something too. I'm thinking about Noro fingerless mitts for her. Her favorite color is turquoise. On top of that, I'm actually happy my repairs were only $225 since I thought that I had catastrophic engine failure.

The goodness doesn't stop there. Remember how crappy my week all started? Well, yesterday I turned 35 and this didn't help. Funny since sometimes I still feel like a little girl. My brother even had the audacity to call to wish me a happy almost 40 birthday. I try to avoid cursing on my blog, so we'll leave that there. Well, being single, there's normally no one around to honor me on such days. My parents are JW's, and I've never had anyone love me enough to gift me on Valentine's day or even Mother's day for that mater. I once planned my own Mother's day and demanded that BD2 execute it all. Bad idea. And, I've had friends invite me to brunch with their families, even though I'd be paying for myself (WTF?). I stopped going after a while.

This has always bothered Little Man. He sees how the world dotes over moms and lovers during these times and doesn't understand why his own Mama can't have this doting, not even on her birthday. It's not like I be crying or depressed on these days. I've gotten used to it really. Well, yesterday he just couldn't take it anymore and made me the best cake I've ever had in my life. I ate it until I couldn't eat it anymore. See how really happy I am? I love these kids.

I showed him all the cake decorating stuff I had. I didn't know he planned to use it all.

I'm very happy.

There was another cool picture he took of me and Teddy Bear blowing out candles, but I didn't want to pay any more to have it emailed to myself, and I wanted to show you all how really happy I was. I can't figure out how to get the pictures off my phone any other way.


Pajnstl said...

Happy belated birthday!

urbanknitrix said...

Too cute!!! Little Man is too adorable, he reminds me of my oldest son. He use to tell me how pretty I looked in the morning with the boogies in my eyes and hair all over the place.

Gotta love em.

Knitaholictoo said...

Happy belated birthday. Kids can be wonderful that way! Lovin' your cyclin jacket! Love the way the cables came out. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Awwww, what a sweetheart! It's so nice to be loved like that. Beautiful cake!

And I love the Cycling Aran--wow.

Sheila said...

Happy Belated Birthday!