Friday, September 12, 2008

Ballet T-Shirt, A quickie

This is a real quickie. Took all of two evenings in bed after the kids had gone to sleep. If you want to experiment with manipulating sizes of patterns, this one would be great to get you started. Teddy Bear measures 23" around the chest.

Unfortunately, this top won't make it into the school pictures. Teddy Bear woke up with a horrible "crook" in her neck. I thought she had a sinus infection or meningitis or something. The doctor said that there were no major knots in her neck and recommended Motrin and warm compresses. Let Teddy Bear tell it, someone was trying to decapitate her. She had me very scared with her crying. She was inconsolable. She's doing better now, I had to come into the office for a little while.

Can you tell which side hurts?



Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, Held Double. Not even two full skeins were used.
Color: Ya'll know I have a hard time keeping track of this for some reason.
Needles: Size 11
Size: Made to fit chest size 23". One extra increase included to eliminate cropped look.


Adrienne said...

How cute is that!!!!!

Pajnstl said...

awww poor baby

cute sweater though lol

Cas... said...

Poor baby! I hope her neck feels better soon.

The sweater is adorable. You did a terrific job!

Sheila said...

Awww lil baby... she is a brave one to be willing to take pics. The Ballet Tee looks great on her.

Virtuous said...

AAaw love the top on her!
Hope Teddy Bear feels better soon!

Lesalicious said...

Poor poor baby hope she gets better soon. Cute top. You never know there may just be a make up day for pictures you can probably try again.:)

Harlem Purl said...

Aww pobrecita. She look so cute, but I hope she feels better.

Knitaholictoo said...

Hugs and kisses to Teddy bear. She's rocking the Ballet T, though. What a trooper. Mmmmwah!

Carmell said...

po baby! i get those all the time. i'm considering a new pillow... i've had this one since middle school... it was comfortable. i hope shes feeling better by now. mine take a few days to ease their way out. sux.

that sweater/t-shirt is too cute!!! i can't manipulate patterns to save my life! i have 3 gurls who need that shirt! i see you're knitting something in that cotton ease in Lime. ME TOO! isn't that stuff the best!!

Carmell said...

DUH!!! i'm just know noticing who you are!! haha i feel so dumb! but i knew i had seen Teddy Bear before... on Ravelry on that natural hair forum!!

RealHustla said...
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NikkiJ said...

Thanks for the complements, ya'll.

To update you. Teddy Bear's neck has gotten better but she still complains every once in a while. I still got her on Motrin.

She's still walking with her head tilted to one side at times. She won't tolerate any warm compresses. Just doesn't want to be bothered. I massage it whenever she lets me.

Zuleika said...

Aww poor sight! Glad to hear she's feeling a bit better. Neck pain can be a real pain in the tush! ;-)

I love the top you made her! She looks adorable in it. :-)

KimT said...

SO cute!