Friday, September 26, 2008

Round Dish Cloth

That last project has got me thinking. I need to rethink how I approach starting a project. I just want to crochet or knit so bad, I just jump right in most of the time. Well, I think I'm going to start to do more planning. I'm going to do more than just a test swatch.

While I do this, to feed my fettish, I'm going to make some dishcloths for the house. We are in dire need. See, I've been ignoring the basics. That last sweater was a wake up call.

Why do I talk about my crafting like it's a major life decision? Because it is, that's why! What?!?

Here' the dishcloth. Done in Peaches and Cream Cotton. The project is simply called Knitted Round Dishcloth. It's very easy, only took a couple of hours, and I only have one seam to sew. How grand!! It's about 8 inches in diameter. It's my first dishcloth and I don't know why I waited so long to make it. No more rags for us, we're kicking it up a notch!


Pajnstl said...

i have yet to make a dishcloth

Anonymous said...

Yay for no more rags! I make my own dishcloths, too. Easy & cheap.

And when you think about the money & time you invest in crafting, yeah, it's a major life decision.

Zuleika said...

Uh-oh, now you're hooked. Once you start making your own cloths, you never go back. :-)

Lace hearts said...

Now, I loved crochet, but I never thought I'd want to make a dishcloth! That one's fab! Well done.