Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kelso, First Try

Call me Miss Piggy, cause the only sounds you could hear coming from my bedroom night after night were rip-it, rip-it. I ripped this strange green creature back so many times I lost count. No really, I lost count. The sizing is just not right. The gauge of my test swatch was right on. I had problems with the raglan decreases the entire time trying to figure out which method to use and wondering why I still had so many stitches left on my needles. I ended up decreasing way more aggressively than the pattern recommended and it was still too big.

The neckline and shoulder shaping are not positioned right.

I had to knit an extra 3 sets of the horse shoe lace pattern to make the raglan decrease and neckline merge. Those raglan decreases are supposed to rest on my collar bones not caress my lady lumps.

The neck is too big.

That corset tie is supposed to be placed where the neck shaping starts and be lying across my chest. Yet, you see where it is.

It's way too loose and I had to stand very still so that it wouldn't fall off, I had to pin the collar to my shirt so that you could get an idea of how it's supposed to fit.

I'm going to make it again 2 sizes smaller. Maybe I'll get a better look next time.

Instead of the continuous complaints about this pattern full of ambiguity I'll just conclude my naming this joint an official.

Hot Mess!!!!!

Ravelers click here to see how it's supposed to look.


Zuleika said...

lol You look pissed! Oooh my!
That's a lot of knitting to do and then you have to turn around and do it over! I am so sorry this project didn't work out for you, but I know you'll work it out somehow.
It's a really cute sweater, I'd want to make it work too!

Lesalicious said...

Sorry your project didn't work out for you. But, I wouldn't have guessed it was a hot mess until reading all the wrongs you have done. I am not a knitter but, omg that's a lot of work. Again so so sorry it didn't turn out how you like. But, on other note I love the yarn color and the stitching.:)

Anonymous said...

Oh no!!! Girl, from here, it doesn't look bad, but from your description, I can see why you're not happy with it. I think I'd have to give that project a looooong time out before I could look at it again.

Nik said...

girl, you look like you want to stab somebody.

Kandgoods said...

lol,this may be because I'm not a pro, but it looks beautiful to me and I actually want to buy several! I would totally buy it even though it didn't come out as expected! I love it!

NikkiJ said...

@Zu: I'm not happy. I realized that I've been working on this thing for a month. Ugh!

@Lesa: If you look at the picture of the original in Ravelry, you can tell what I was going for.

@Nikki: Someone must die, LOL.

@Kandgoods: Thanks for the complements, but I'm ripping it all back to yarn cakes soon.

NikkiJ said...

@Del: Like I said, I had to be really still so it wouldn't fall off. If I try to wear this, I'll be fussing with trying to keep it on all day. Not a good look.

Nashe' said...

wow, when will you start over ? on brighter note * your daughters top is lovely !

Crochet Goddess said...

Very pretty. I love the color.

Kamika said...

I thought it was really pretty until I read your complaints. Checked Ravelry and see what you mean. Sorry it didn't work out.