Saturday, July 05, 2008

Big Daddy

I had this thick lock in the back of my head kinda toward the top/middle. It was twice as large as most of my other locks and 3 times as large as those around my hair line. I called it Big Daddy, but now that I think about it probably should have been calling it Big Momma. Oh well. I've heard about folks splitting their locks and thought I'd give it a try.

At first I was going to start at the tip of the lock, but that seemed to risky. So since there was about 2 inches of unlocked hair at the root (this is why it was a problem, it was so thick it wouldn't lock as quickly as the others, this was the only problem besides the fact that it wouldn't hold a curl if I should choose to curl it), I decide to cut from there. It seemed too thick to slice straight down the middle with my craft scissors. I know, I know, but these were the sharpest ones I had. So, I decided to try to scrape off enough for a brand new lock and leave the rest of the hair to hold on to the old one.

I quickly realized that this was a bad decision and just cut the rest off.

This is what I got. About 6 inches of a perfectly good lock (besides the diameter of course) I will keep it forever because it is a good example of how clean and healthy my locks are and it smells good because I just washed my hair. Oh well. I wouldn't have tried this if it had been located anywhere else on my head.


Sheila said...

I know I'm late, but I've heard of people using a tapered wood stick to separate their locks. Then palm roll it with wax.

NikkiJ said...

@Sheila: Could have told me this last week? Naw, just kidding. What's a tapered wood stick. Is that like the thing they used to bring sewn corners to a point when turning inside out? I have one of those. Thanks for the advice though.

I was thinking I should have used a razor blade or something. It'll be okay. You can't even tell Big Daddy is gone and I'm so over my hair there wasn't even an emotional response when I cut it off.