Saturday, July 05, 2008


I'm still chugging away on my Oz.

Click the above picture to get to the original pattern.

I couldn't get my gauge right lengthwise so I simply resigned to knitting more rows. This means I had to use 4 skeins of the main yarn instead of the 3 recommended. It seems like it's going on forever and I hope I'm not doing something wrong. According the Kamika's instructions, my sleeves will be about 24.5 inches wide before stopping. I made the body a little t0o long becaue I wasn't pulling the fabric tight before measuring (the bigh stitch is very poofy), but that's okay. I have enough bedunkadunk to compensate for that (wow, something is wrong with my spell checker because it didn't flag the word bedunkadunk).

I'm using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (which I love and trust) in the colorway Nymph. I have Thaki Dream and Berroco Bonsai waiting for when I get to the trim. Bonsai is bamboo by the way and I think that is sooo cool to knit with fibers that grow besides cotton.

Here it is...


Pajnstl said...

Your green shrug is cute.. love the color striped border :)

NikkiJ said...

That's not mine, that's the original made by Kamika King. Scroll down for mine, it's the blue one.