Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sew Difficult

Well, I really wanted to sew a garment that I can be proud of. You know, the ones that no one can tell you made yourself? This is why I decided to enroll in a sewing class at one of our local sewing centers.

I was soooo excited the day before my class. I had purchased everything on our supplies list, well almost, and I was even taking each item out of my new little sewing tote and playing with it. I felt like a Kindergartener on her first day before school. I was actually excited over scissors ya'll. I got the titanium kind. :) Well, one of the items on the list was swiss tracing paper.

The instructor requires us to trace out our pattern and then cut it out so that we can pin fit it. Well, this makes sense to me but it adds another element of labor that I was not prepared for. My shoulders and my wrists hurt from sketching out all these details. The scissors work great by the way. But, I've sewn together as much as I could on my own and now I'm stuck. Do I have to sew on the colar of my top to pin fit it or can I leave that off? Do I have to sew those stitches that are supposed to help you gather the fabric at certain points.

Teacher lady took the wind right out of my sails with this assignment.

Here's my fabric and here's what I am hoping to make.

These are both 100% polyester. The pants have orange and gold undertones and actually match very well with the gold silky solid intended for the top.

I have still been crocheting and knitting of course. I'm just too lazy to post pictures of those new projects right now. I made a girls Ballet T-Shirt (size way too small for Teddy Bear), and I'm working on a Butterfly Garden Square toddler bed size blanket for her. I'm also working on a Razor Cami for me.


urbanknitrix said...

You are going to be my next Shero!! Your doing everything, knitting, crocheting, and sewing. WHAT!!! Go on with your bad self. I love the colors.

Adrienne said...

Love the gold for that top! How is the razor cami working for you? I had to frog mine and NEED to start back over!!! LOL

NikkiJ said...

@Urban: don't look up to me quite yet. If this class don't work, I may try once more, but then that's it. I think.

@Adrienne: The cami is cool, even though I had to size up. I have my crochet needle close by for repairs. I use high speed needles mostly so it's easy to drop stitches and you don't figure out what you've done until the next row.

Pajnstl said...

uhoh look at ya!

I like the fabric and pattern you selected

The Frizzy Hooker said...

that fabric looks great
good luck

Sheila said...

Great fabric choices and look forward to your sewing venture.