Saturday, July 05, 2008

Shrunken Jacket

I just wanted to provide and update on what I'm working on. Look inside the book here.

I'm doing the Cropped Sweater with Lace-Up Closure next.

This is the Shrunken Jacket from Double Stitched by Erika and Monica Simmons on Interweave Press. The think the designs in the book are great. Some classic, like this, and some edgy or more hip.

I'm using Elegance from Knit Picks (70% Alpaca, 30% silk), and I love it. I ran out of the main color :( and can't fork over the $50 to avoid the shipping fee right now. I would say the patterns in this book are for the intermediate and up group. This is because there just seems to be a lot of ambiguity with this pattern so far. I'm able to keep consistency because of my experience, but I could easily see the novice getting frustrated to tears and giving up. Look out for errata. Also, I think my ruffle is a little too ruffly. maybe if I rip back to try to correct that I'll have enough yarn to complete it. Probably not, but it does not hurt to dream. I just want to avoid making this great garment look tacky.

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